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Tunisian Ex-Muslim Nacer Amari Gets Political Asylum in Denmark

Updated: May 25

Nacer Amari

We gladly inform our supporters across the world that the Tunisian ex-Muslim Nacer Amari, a rationalist, freethinker, human rights activist, and well-known critic of Islamist groups in Tunisia has been finally granted political asylum in Denmark.

Nacer Amari has been facing the risk of deportation from Denmark to a country where the expression of core rationalist principles is severely restricted.  

Nacer left Tunisia after several threats because of his criticism of Islam, defending human rights, minorities' rights, women's rights, and gender equality.

In 2012 landing in Romania, he thought it was a free country like other Western countries, where he could express his opinions freely. Unfortunately, after a few years, he felt harassed by the authorities. He then began a new difficult journey.

Sanal Edamaruku and other Rationalist-Atheist leaders including Nina Sankari met Nacer Amari in Warsaw during the Atheist Days conference in 2018.

In 2018 he decided to travel to Denmark, where he sought political asylum.

Though Nacer tried to prove that his life was in danger, the Danish immigration authorities initially rejected his case. The Appeal Court confirmed this decision in 2020.

Rationalist International stood sternly for him and wrote to Danish authorities about the danger to his life in Tunisia if he were to be deported.

Having expressed overtly secularist views and criticized Islamist parties in Tunisia, Amari was at risk of persecution if he were to be returned to his home country. While living in Denmark, Amari continued his outspoken opinions and criticism of Islam.

Rationalist International emailed the appeal court and immigration authorities in Denmark, explaining the danger that Amari was facing. In May 2023, his case was reopened. In early April 2024, Nacer was interviewed again. He is now granted political asylum in Denmark.

Upon getting political asylum in Denmark, Nacer Amari wrote to Sanal Edamaruku: "The first thing that I thought when I got asylum was to contact you to recognize your support and to express how grateful I feel about your staunch support, and the warmth of your organization. Your efforts to spread humanity and knowledge around the world is remarkable."

Rationalist International is grateful to his lawyer in Denmark and all others who supported Nacer Amari's case.



In regions where atheism or leaving religion is persecuted and individuals are in danger due to their conscience, Project Freethought will not stand idly by. We have a plan in place to provide support and assistance to atheists facing persecution, offering them a lifeline to safety and freedom.


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