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Group Lecture

A ground-breaking initiative by Rationalist International, Finland and
Freethought International, UK

Project Freethought is one of the biggest ventures in the history of Freethought and Rationalism. 

Rationalist International is spearheading this ambitious plan along with the UK based  Freethought International Limited. Some other internationally reputed organisations across the world may join the project soon.

Project Freethought will be launched on the 26th of April 2024 during the opening of the Spring of Reason and Exuberance conference in Helsinki, Finland.

Project Freethought stands as a beacon of hope and progress in a world where critical inquiry, rational thought, and freethinking are increasingly crucial, . We are embarking on a mission to advance these values like never before, and we invite you to join us in this transformative journey.

Project Freethought is not just another project—it's a movement that aims to revolutionize the way we approach knowledge, skepticism, and secularism. 

Pay €10. Theta members will get monthly updates.

Pay €50. Eta members will get Darwin's works - 4 eBooks, and monthly updates  

Pay €100. Zeta members will get Darwin's 4 eBooks, Complete Works of Ingersoll eBook editions, and monthly updates

Pay €500. Epsilon members will get all the eBooks  and monthly updates

Pay €1000. Delta members will get all eBooks, audiobooks, and monthly updates

Pay €2000. We'll acknowledge the support of all Gamma members in all eBooks. Also, Gamma members will get all eBooks and audiobooks, and monthly updates.

Pay €5000. Beta members will be consulted and views and suggestions asked every quarter and passed over to the Board. Beta members will also have the all benefits of Gamma members.

Pay €10000. All Alpha members will be nominated to the Governing Board of Project Freethought with voting rights.  Alpha members will also have all the benefits of Gamma members.

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