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Rationalist International was started in 1995 in India as a forum for rationalist ideas and positions of world-wide concern. Now its head quarters is in Helsinki, Finland. It aims at representing the rationalist view where public opinion is formed, making the voice of reason heard and considered, when decisions which will shape our future are taken. It organises conferences, lectures, youth camps  and workshops, publishes books, e-books and other multi-media programmes. It aims at connecting together rationalists, freethinkers, secular humanists,  atheists, skeptics, and secularists. 

Sanal Edamaruku is the founder and President of Rationalist International.


Rationalist Affirmation


Rationalism is a world view based on scientific attitude and a humane value system free from any religion, dogma and arbitrary assumption of authority. Rationalists value human heritage and civilisation, and consider art, literature and culture as carriers of it. Rationalists strive to establish a society free from religious, racial, national, ethnic, caste or gender prejudices. Rationalists aim at a free, democratic, tolerant society, respecting critical inquiry, spirit of reform, dialogue, rights of individuals, responsibility to fellow beings, free speech and human rights. Rationalists care for the future of the planet earth, our environment, and good use of science and technology.

Honorary Associates of Rationalist International 


Prof. Mike Archer (Australia), Katsuaki Asai (Japan), Prof. Colin Blakemore (UK), Dr. Bill Cooke (New Zeland), Dr. Helena Cronin (UK), Prof. Richard Dawkins (UK), Jan Loeb Eisler (USA), Tom Flynn (USA), Jim Herrick (UK), Ellen Johnson (USA), Małgorzata Koraszewska (Poland), Andrzaj Koraszewski (Poland), Dr. Richard Leakey (Kenia), Maryam Namazie (Iran), Taslima Nasreen (Bangladesh), Steinar Nilsen (Norway), Prof. Jean-Claude Pecker (France), James Randi (USA), Prof. Ajoy Roy (Bangladesh), Dr. Younus Shaikh (Pakistan), Barbara Smoker (UK), Richard Stallman (USA), Prof. Rob Tielman (The Netherlands), David Tribe (Australia), Dr. K Veeramani (India), G. Vijayam (India), Barry Williams (Australia), Richard Wiseman (UK), Prof. Lewis Wolpert (UK)

Former Honorary Associates of Rationalist International


Dr. Pieter Admiraal (1929 - 2013 The Netherlands), Sir Hermann Bondi (1919 - 2005, UK), Prof. Vern Bullough (1928 – 2006, USA), Joseph Edamaruku (1934 - 2006, India), Pekka Elo (1949 – 2013, Finland), Prof. Antony Flew (1923 – 2010, UK), Christopher Hitchens (1949 – 2011, USA), Prof. Paul Kurtz (1925 - 2012, USA), Lavanam (1930 – 2015, India), Henry Morgentaler (1923 - 2013, Canada), Harry Stopes-Roe (1924 - 2014, UK), Dr. G N Jyoti Shankar (1940 - 2000, USA) 

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