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Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua and his cult exposed by BBC

In recent times, religious and cult leaders and their practices have come under increased scrutiny, shedding light on the darker corners of the spiritual world.

One such controversial figure is Nigerian pastor Temitope Balogun Joshua or TB Joshua and his cult "Synagogue Church of All Nations" (SCOAN). The spotlight on him intensified with a recent documentary by the BBC, uncovering various aspects of his ministry.

Watch Episodes 1, 2 and 3 of the BBC Documentary below.

TB Joshua has gained international fame for his claimed ability to perform miracles and faith healing. The documentary questions the legitimacy of these supernatural events, and established that the individuals showcased in these healing sessions have not experienced any recovery.

One of the most critical aspects highlighted by the documentary is the tragic incident that occurred in September 2014 when a guesthouse at the SCOAN collapsed, resulting in the death of over 100 individuals. The investigation into the incident revealed negligence in the construction of the building. TB Joshua failed to take responsibility for the tragedy and instead blamed external forces such as a terrorist attack. The lack of accountability in such a grave matter raises serious ethical concerns about the pastor's leadership and commitment to the safety of his followers.

The documentary delves into the manipulation and coercion within the SCOAN, with former members claiming that they were controlled and manipulated by the pastor and his team.

While TB Joshua has amassed a massive following and wealth and earned respect from from his vulnarable followers, the BBC documentary has brought to light serious concerns that cannot be ignored.

We congratulate BBC for the exposing of the ministry of Joshua, and its effort to encourage dialogue and accountability in religious institutions and cults.

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Watch here the BBC documentaries on the cult leader Pastor TB Joshua.

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