Full registration for Rationalist International Conference-2019 at the University of Cambridge. Conference registration includes admission to all meeting sessions on 27th and 28th July 2019; Coffee on arrival, morning coffee, buffet lunch, and afternoon tea on both 27th and 28th July.


The major themes of the conference:

One Law for All

The Future of Secularism

Esoterism and the Occult

Faith Healing and Evidence-based medicines

Civil Liberties of Atheists

Rational State - Dream, Utopia or Our Future?



Dan Barker (Freedom from Religion Foundation, USA), Sanal Edamaruku (Rationalist International, Finland), Taslima Nasrin (Exiled writer from Bangladesh), Michael Nugent (Atheists Ireland), Armin Navabi (Atheist Republic, Canada), Maryam Namazie (Council of ex-Muslims, UK), Mark W Gura (United Atheists, USA),  Adrian Bailey (Birmingham Humanists, UK), David Rand (Atheist Freethinkers, Canada), Sadia Hameed (Council of ex-Muslims, UK), Nina Sankari (Kazimierz Łyszczyński Foundation, Poland), Nacer Amari (Exiled Rationalist, Tunisia), CP John (Economist, India), Zara Kay (Faithless Hijabi, Australia), Rajesh Raman (United Rationalists of UK), Tom Adithya (Mayor, Bradley Stoke, UK),  Jimmy London (Ex-Muslim Gay activist, UK), Alex O'Connor (University of Oxford).



The conference ticket does not include accommodation. Reasonably costing accommodation is available in Cambridge.


Some rooms at the Møller Centre are reserved for the Conference delegates.

Single ensuites can be booked at £ 125 (+VAT) and double ensuites for £ 150 (+VAT).  Registered participants may call up and book accommodation as required. To help the Møller Centre reception team match the event to their accommodation request, we would advise that delegates quote the event reference number KX38179, and/or the event title "Rationalist International Conference". To make accommodation bookings, please send email   sales.moller@chu.cam.ac.uk or call  +44 1223 465 500 

Please contact Rationalist International for any further assistance.

Email: conference@rationalists.net

Phone: +44 7766 707207

Rationalist International Conference - 2019 Registration

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