What it means to be Bonya...

Rafeeda Ahmed Bonya is a USA based blogger and activist from Bangladesh.

On February 26, 2015, Rafida and Avijit were attacked by machete-wielding Islamic extremists while they were visiting Dhaka on a book signing trip. They were attacked in the middle of the street at a very crowded book fair. Avijit died after he was taken to the hospital and Rafida was gravely injured. Avijit was the founder of a blog namely Mokto Mona(Free Mind), dedicated to freedom of thought, rationalism and science communication. That was the beginning of a series of murders of rationalist bloggers and publishers in Bangladesh. 

After the attack, Bonya decided to take leave of absence from her job as a Senior Director at a credit bureau in the USA. She started working in Europe and the US to raise awareness about the attacks on the secular intellectuals in Bangladesh by Islamic fundamentalists.

She is currently doing research on Islamic fundamentalism as a visiting research scholar at University of Texas, Austin and will soon join London School of Economics. 

Rafeeda Ahmed Bonya is a distinguished speaker in the Rationalist International Cruise Conference on 29 - 30 September 2018.

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