David Orenstein will speak at Rationalist Cruise conference 2018

Dr David Orentein, American Humanist Association’s representative to the United Nations, is a speaker at the Rationalist International Cruise Conference 2018, scheduled to be held in Helsinki and on an overnight cruise between Helsinki and Tallinn.

Dr David Orentein is a national and international speaker on issues related to human evolution, the freethought movement, and academic freedom and censorship.

A full professor of anthropology within the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department at Medgar Evers College/CUNY. he is primatologist by training. His current writings can be found in American and Humanist Magazines in the U.S. and Canada, and other freethought activist and science publications.

Dr. Orenstein’s book,Godless Grace: How Nonbelievers are Making the World Safer, Richer and Kinder, was published by the Humanist Press in 2015. His next book on the life and times of Charles Darwin will be available fall 2018.

An activist in several organizations, he is an optimistic freethinker who concludes that life is best lived viewing the world rationally and works toward a collective future where all people are united in reason, justice and human secular freedom.

Dr David Orenstein will attend the whole conference and the cruise.

To attend the Rationalist International Cruise Conference on 29 - 30 September 2018, Register Now.

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